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Mission & Vision

Envisioning a caring society

In every one of us lies a dream. Impossible as it seems, the dream of a caring society may seem out of reach. Yayasan CNI believes that making the difference to that one person is already enough to light up the world.

Our Mission

To “brighten up the world” – we will do this by collaborating our resources and our business partners, the public to reach out effectively out to those in need, regardless of race, creed, colour, religion and country.

Our Vision

• To play an active role in helping the underprivileged, unfortunate and the needy to gain confidence and the courage to face life’s challenges

• To establish a platform where we can gather all our love and care from people from all walks of life – together with the donations pledged and contribution in kind – to help the needy by building a better tomorrow for them, and helping them build a better tomorrow themselves

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