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Help us to assist those from underprivileged single parent families to build their careers and start life anew independently with confidence. Your contribution, however small, will go a long way to instil confidence and values in them.

Thank you for supporting Yayasan CNI’s “Single Parent Family Caring Programme”. You are one step away from making a big difference to a single parent family in urgent need.

This section is for financial donations only. For donations OTHER than monetary donations, please contact our Yayasan CNI personnel at:

Tel: 603-5569 1663 (D/L)
603-5569 4000 ext 2217 or 2147

(Monday to Friday, 9:30am – 6:30pm, excluding public holiday)

Prefer manual transaction, below is the steps ?

6 Good reasons to donate to charity

  1. Tax exemption
    If you donate to charity you will be able to help others and that donated portion of your income is tax exempted.
  2. Reduce clutter
    Donating to charity does not necessarily mean a cash donation. You can donate to charity by giving items as well.
  3. Helping the less fortunate
    Helping others in need will help you have better peace of mind and perform a good social service.
  4. Honouring loved ones
    You can also donate to charity in the name of a loved one that has passed away. If you donate to charity, you are actually performing a meritorious deed in their memory.
  5. Hope
    By donating to charity, you will help give people hope that things will eventually get better.
  6. Feel better
    Life is not fair sometimes. If you are sad or troubled, giving to charity will help you feel happier – that you have helped someone somewhere who may be more unfortunate than you.

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